We automate public health systems to unlock siloed value while improving system efficiency, lowering cost of care to government and stakeholders, which results in better adherence, behaviour change and improved population health outcomes.


A dApp that pays incentives to both patients and practitioners for prescribed health activities and task, to ensure adherence, behavior change and point of care delivery quality standards. 

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Informed Consent

A dApp to capture an immutable ledger of Informed Consent to ensure that all patient rights are adhered to and that data and records are managed in a transparent way.

Clinical Trial

A dApp for Clinical Trials such that all trials are recorded, and all processes & outcomes align with ethics and regulation. Trials are rendered auditable, transparent, non-fabricated, & non-influenced by undue sponsor influence on participants and trialists.

Prescription (Rx)

A dApp to manage prescriptions on both the physician and patient side. The Rx app sends reminders and notifications and has information on drugs, side effects and risks for non-adherence.


We offer a personal data broking service to all individuals that empowers them to retain sovereign ownership of their health records and data, and earn a royalty at every instance where their datasets are traded or monetized in the data economy.

Health Practitioners

We offer a personal quality and performance monitoring system that enables physicians and practitioners to track their care delivery performance and quality while earning incentives for continuous improvements in job performance.


Our Platform is positioned as a low cost automated platform to help Governments improve health systems efficiency, manage patients, practitioners, prescriptions, inventory and to execute accurate reporting and complex data analytics across the board.


We offer big Pharmaceuticals access to public health patient-practitioner insights such as drug usage, brand performance, adherence, toxicity, patient-reported outcomes, etc; to help them in planning and business optimization.

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